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Translate any language to Assamese Language, Ex. you can translate English to Assamese or Assamese to English -Assamese Translator (অসমীয়া অনুবাদক)

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How to Use Assamese Translator?

Translate any language into Assamese (অসমীয়া) or Assamese to Other Language. For Example, You can Translate Assamese to English or English to Assamese by using the above translator. The first text field is for the language you want to translate and the second text field is for the output results, the translated texts will be shown there.

You can change the language and swap by clicking the button shown in the image above. Change the Language of the first text field into English and the Second text field into Assamese if you want to translate English to Assamese. or you can select other languages accordingly to translate other languages. 

Other Queries Related to Assamese Translator

Google Translator Assamese

Google translator doesn’t support the Assamese language, But it is under development, Google may soon include the Assamese language in Google translator, you can expect Assamese language in google translator within 2/3 years to be included. But now if you search “Assam Translator Google’ you’ll not see Assamese.

Microsoft Bing Assamese Translator

Microsoft Bing is the only translator which offers Assamese language in their Translator, Microsoft Bing can translate more than 100 languages in the world, you can translate Assamese into more than 100 languages or 100 languages to Assamese. We also embed the Microsoft Bing translator above so that you can easily translate any language into Assamese. Microsoft breaks the language Bearer for the people of Assam. Use the above translator as there is no other option till now.

Facebook Assamese Translator

We have seen that Facebook is doing a pretty good job in translating Assamese posts into different languages. When you select Assamese as your default language, no matter what language is it Facebook will show it in Assamese. You may have people from a foreign country who posted in their language but you have seen it in Assamese language. Your post also will be translated for them in their default language. Facebook AI-based MMT model translates between any pair of 100+ languages without using English, For example, To translate Assamese to Hindi, Facebook will directly translate to Hindi when other translators translate Assamese to English then English to Assamese. But you can not use the Facebook translator directly as there is no option for translation other than a Facebook post.

Assamese Voice Translation

You can use Assamese voice translation to translate any language into Assamese. Use voice translation to translate by speaking to the phone or computer mic. Click Here & Select the language in the first text field you want to speak and to be translated. Select the Assamese in the second text field if you want to be translated into Assamese.

By using this voice translator you can do the below popular translation

  • English to Assamese Voice Translation
  • Assamese to English Voice Translation
  • Hindi – Assamese Voice Translation
  • Bengali – Assamese Voice Translation

Assamese Translation App

There are so many websites and applications that claim that they offer Assamese translation but most of them are dictionaries or provide only word to word translation. Even the paid apps are not accurate and not even worth installing. There is only one app that you can use which is Microsoft Translator. Let us tell you below how you can download the app and use it.

Download Assamese Translator Applications

  • Click on the download link given in the Important Link section below
  • You’ll be redirected to PlayStore
  • Then click on the Install button
  • Open the application and give the required access permission.
  • Now you can translate by Text, Voice, or Capturing image.

Keyboard for Assamese Typing & Translation

For Mobile

When you translate English to Assamese it is easy because you have English keypad/Keyboard to type. But when you want to translate Assamese to English or other Indian regional languages to Assamese you’ll need to type that language. For that, you need to download a keyboard or your inbuild keyboard may also support it, if your keyboard doesn’t support that language, Download Gboard which is created by Google. You can type almost any language on the Google keyboard. We have provided the download link in the Important Link section below.

Gboard is needed to type the below popular language

  • Assamese Typing
  • Hindi Typing 
  • Bengali Typing
  • Punjabi Typing 
  • Marathi Typing
Assamese to English Translation

By typing Assamese you can translate Assamese to English, It’ll be very helpful for those who are weak in English but want to do a conversation in English or Write something in English. By using Gboard you will be able able to do translation Assamese to English easily

Hindi to Assamese Translation

By using Gboard you can type Hindi and it gives you the option to type Hindi by using the English alphabet, for example, if you type ‘Kya’ it will become ‘क्या’. You can also directly type Hindi using the Hindi alphabet on the Gboard keyboard. This Keyboard will allow you to translate Hindi to Assamese or Assamese to Hindi Easily.

Bengali to Assamese Translation 

Bengali and Assamese languages are almost similar and The Bengali-Assamese alphabets are also the same except 2/3 alphabets but to translate Bengali to Assamese you’ll need to type Bengali properly, Use the Gboard to type Bengali or other keyboards to type in Bangla.

For PC

On a Computer, you don’t need any software to type Assamese, you can simply use the virtual keyboard given in the translator. Use the virtual keyboard select the language then click on the keyboard icon as shown in the image below.

Assam Translator

How to do English – Assamese conversation with translator?

If you want to do a conversation and you don’t know whether Assamese or English, still you can do a proper conversation with the help of Microsoft Translator. Download Microsoft translator from the Important Link section or click here

Assamese Translator
  • Click on the button shown in the image
  • Select your language
  • Now start or join a conversation using the conversation code, QR Code or conversation link, any one of these. Now start talking in your language your partner will hear it in the translated version.

Using this feature you can do the following popular conversation

  • English to Assamese Language Conversation
  • Assamese to English Language Conversation
  • Hindi to Assamese or Assamese to Hindi Language Conversation
  • Bengali to Assamese or Assamese to Bengali Conversation

You can do a conversation in any pair of languages in this app

Most Popular English – Assamese Translations

I love you
মই তোমাক ভাল পাওঁ

I like you
মই তোমাক পছন্দ কৰোঁ


What are you doing?
আপুনি কি কৰিছে?

What is your name?
আপোনাৰ নামটো কি?

My name is Mitsuo
মোৰ নাম মিৎচুও

Where are you from?
আপুনি ক’ৰ পৰা আহিছে?

What do you do?
তুমি কি কৰা?

Do you know English?
আপুনি ইংৰাজী জানে নেকি?

I don’t know
মই নাজানো

List of Translation that can be done in Assamese Translator

Bangla – AssameseKannada – Assamese
Bulgarian – AssameseKorean – Assamese
Chinese – AssameseKurdish – Assamese
Croatian – AssameseMarathi – Assamese
Czech – AssameseBurmese – Assamese
Dutch – AssameseNepali – Assamese
English – AssamesePersian – Assamese
Filipino – AssamesePortuguese – Assamese
French – AssamesePunjabi – Assamese
German – AssameseRussian – Assamese
Greek – AssameseSpanish – Assamese
Gujrati – AssameseTamil – Assamese
Hindi – AssameseTelugu – Assamese
Indonesian – AssameseTurkish – Assamese
Irish – AssameseUkrainian – Assamese
Italian – AssameseUrdu – Assamese
Japanese – AssameseVietnamese – Assamese

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Translator LinkClick Here
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Download Microsoft TranslatorAPK | IOS
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FAQs of Assamese Translator

How to translate English to Assamese?

Using Microsoft translator you can translate any language into Assamese.

How to type the Assamese language?

Using the Gboard keyboard you can type Assamese language or any other language.

How can you translate into Assamese using Google Translate?

Google doesn’t support Assamese as of now but very soon Google may include Assamese in google Translate.